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How we teach Religious Education

At Moore we follow Lancashire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education (2021) ‘Searching for Meaning’. This revised syllabus is the legal basis for Religious Education in Lancashire and has also been adopted as the legal basis for Religious Education by Halton and Warrington.

The syllabus outlines curriculum intent and methods of implementation that will enable all children to achieve and attain high level outcomes at the end of each Key Stage. Alongside this, it also aims to support children’s personal search for meaning as they explore what it means to be human. It follows the Lancashire Field of Enquiry model, and specifies knowledge and skills that build towards clear goals at the end of each key stage. This ensures that the curriculum is progressive, clearly sequenced and suitably ambitious. The syllabus also includes specific advice on effective methods of teaching and assessment. The aim is for teachers to develop the disciplinary knowledge needed to implement the curriculum effectively so that it has a positive impact on children’s achievement.

At the heart of this syllabus is the quest to understand what it is to be human. By learning about religion, we can become more open minded, respectful and achieve greater self-awareness. The skills and attitudes developed though RE can therefore make a significant contribution to promoting British Values, developing greater community cohesion and enhancing personal and social development.

When we teach Religious Education

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